E'gv® Factory USA

The E'gv® Factory USA is Dematic's US manufacturing and test site for AGV products and solutions delivered to the US and North-American market. The US manufacturing and test facilities are attached to the Dematic Inc. office (Holland, MI) and cover a total surface of approximately 6,300 m² (67,500 ft²). This allows for the engineers whom design, develop, and program the automated solutions to be able to hands on through the entire process prior to installation, from concept to test.

The manufacturing department is divided into two areas; sub-assembly, and final assembly. The test department is where all applicable components of an automation solution are installed and tested together. This is also where all demonstrations and customer / vendors tours are held.

The test track has a range of equipment to ensure accurate and extensive automation equipment and solution testing, including:

  • a variety of racking (flow racks, pallet racks, double-deep pallet racks, push-back racks)
  • deep lanes
  • ramps
  • docks for trailer loading
  • conveyors
  • battery / charging solutions
  • test products.


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