Industry Solutions for Competitive Advantage

Egemin has a five-part mission, aimed at its five largest stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, partners and suppliers, as well as society and the environment.


  • Provide independent no-nonsense advice to our customer in his journey towards value creation
  • Offer the best suitable industry solution, fit for purpose, based on proven technology and knowledge of the customer’s business
  • Assure stability and continuity by providing accessible life cycle services


  • Team up with passionate, technology-driven people
  • Create an environment where people can give free rein to their creativity within a well-defined framework and where intrapreneurship is encouraged
  • Provide a learning environment and offer the potential for career development
  • Promote a culture of respect, flexibility and participative management


  • Provide a stable company with a long-term vision
  • Create added value through profitable growth

Suppliers / Partners

  • Be a solid, trustworthy partner, who keeps his promises
  • Enable the creation of a leverage effect through exchange of knowledge


  • Provide safe and sustainable solutions that respect our environment and improve the quality of life
  • Contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility

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