Remote control of bridges

Remote control of buildings and systems

The technical equipment of your buildings usually comprises hardware from different suppliers with different protocols and management systems. To keep your building management simpler and more manageable, we can centralise it within a single control system.

What is more, we can link different modules to one another to allow technical control of a whole series of buildings from one location.

For all brands and suppliers

You will often find us at work in production plants where we combine different control systems – even those from different suppliers – within a single control module. In this way we improve the building management and take a whole range of maintenance tasks off your hands.

We are able to integrate the most popular control technologies of all brands and manufacturers. In this way we automate and integrate the control of:
  • HVAC systems
  • fire and intruder detection
  • CCTV and intercom
  • barriers, turnstiles and gates
Where reliability and security are the main priorities, we work with classic industrial bus systems. Where high reliability and security are less critical, we integrate all components under IP, a more advantageous solution.

Telematics: remote control

If you have different buildings or distributed production units, it is worth centralising the monitoring of the technical systems in one location.

Egemin Automation has a team of telematics specialists who take care of the design, installation and maintenance. It goes without saying that we also offer remote maintenance.

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