Logistics consulting for optimal flow of goods

Logistics consulting for optimal flow of goods

Our logistics experts carry out a thorough requirements analysis for you and provide you with advice for the capacity you want to achieve.

Simulations and capacity calculations give you a clear view of your future flow of goods. On the basis of these analyses and studies we provide a system layout that integrates our solution in to your environment

Logistics consultancy

Egemin Automation supports you with the following logistics consulting services:
  • Logistics analyses and studies 
  • Simulations and emulations
  • Continuity plans (business continuity)
  • Operational excellence
  • Project management
  • Asset management
  • Energy management

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What customers say
Patrick Ruiters,
Highlite International

“Egemin quickly came up with important improvements on the first supplier’s plans. They also made suggestions during the tender process which had a positive effect on our figures.”

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