Maintenance services for a longer life time of logistic installations

Maintenance services for increased life time of installations

Egemin Automation supplies full-range life cycle services to increase the reliability of technical installations at minimum cost with a high level of technical proficiency. Our areas of expertise in maintenance include installations for logistic installations, such as automated warehouse and distribution installations, automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) and in-floor chain conveyors. The main purpose of our life cycle services is to increase the total life time of your installation.

Maintenance Services

We provide a wide range of maintenance services geared to your needs whatever your technical installation or application looks like:
  • full-scale maintenance contracts and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • 24-hour helpdesk, remote and on-site support
  • maintenance on demand
  • repairs
  • spare parts delivery
  • stockpooling programs to reduce spare parts costs
  • installation reviews, minor modifications and extensions including site migrations and capacity increases
  • system upgrades & updates (retrofit solutions)

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What customers say
Frank Klober, Euro-Baltic

“The people of Egemin are available, provide help in case of failure, and when there is a problem, they are very quick to find a solution.”

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