Business Continuity Mangement

Efficient continuity plans for logistics environments

Business Continuity Management involves defining and efficiently dealing with all risks or calamities that may jeopardize a company’s operational management which might severely endanger the continuity of the company. The biggest problem for many companies when defining a Business Continuity Plan is where to start.

Business Continuity Plans & Disaster Recovery Plans

It is not only important to assess the direct damage but also all indirect damages related to a possible risk. Egemin Automation’s business continuity experts help you with the creation of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Our consultants help you decide which risks you need to map and which steps you need to take to effectively respond to possible calamities. When your logistics installation breaks down, a solid business continuity plan will help you to restart your system as quickly as possible.

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What customers say
Patrick Ruiters,
Highlite International

“Egemin quickly came up with important improvements on the first supplier’s plans. They also made suggestions during the tender process which had a positive effect on our figures.”