Integration services for technical, organizational and budgetary aspects of maintenance operations

Your one-stop maintenance integration shop

As maintenance integrator Dematic aims to be a one-stop-shop for professional and fully integrated life cycle integration services. We integrate part or all of the technical, organizational and budgetary aspects of your maintenance operations into one service system.

We supply the following maintenance integration services:
  • Maintenance management: fully or partially outsourced maintenance, even of third-party suppliers
  • Stock management: we manage your spare parts stock and make sure you get the right part when you need it while reducing costs
  • Contract management: we take care of the management and follow-up of all your mainteance contracts with third-parties
  • Installed base management & asset management: we manage all maintenance operations required for the installations running at your facility, take care of the replacement of components
  • Account Project Leader: we improve the complete maintenance integration by working together with subcontractors and by informing you the results of last period maintenance in combination with the planned maintenance (e.g. the intervention analysis)

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What customers say
Manfred Rudolf,
Vredestein Banden

“We chose for Egemin because they helped us a lot in the preparatory stage. In addition to the AGV system, we also wanted 24 hour support. Other offering parties wrongfully said that this would be not necessary with their products.”