Retrofit of logistics installations

Retrofits for warehouses and transport systems

Components of automated logistics systems can become obsolete or are no longer in stock. When these components get defective, this can lead to long-term downtime. After years of reliable service, many installations no longer achieve the capacities they were designed for. You do not need to replace all components, and certainly not the whole installation, in order to maintain or expand your installation.

Our system upgrades and retrofit solutions provide a cost-efficient alternative, with fewer stoppages, higher capacity and more reliability. They have a faster return on investment than an entirely new installation. Furthermore, you also increase the lifetime of your existing systems. This increases the financial returns from your original investment.

Renovation and replacement of logistics installations

Egemin's system retrofits involve a partial or total modernization of electronic components, controls, software, in addition to the replacement or overhaul of mechanical components.

Dematic provides both retrofits for Egemin installations and for third-party systems. We modernise the following logistics systems, amongst others:

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What customers say
Leo Berrens,
Janssen Pharmaceutica

“During the upgrade production downtime was absolutely out of the question. Egemin prepared everything off-line and thoroughly tested it later on our installation, plug-and-play”.