Retrofit benefits & execution

Modernise your existing installation

The steel work of your stacker cranes, conveyors, sorters or racks can still work perfectly in many cases. So why would you want to modernise everything? Our retrofits offer partial or total modernisation of electronic components, controls or software, as well as the replacement or overhaul of mechanical components.

This results in the following improvements for your installation:

  • higher availability and reliability
  • better performance and greater capacity
  • lower energy consumption through energy recuperation
  • better ergonomics
  • new working procedures (goods-to-man vs. man-to-goods, pick-pack)
  • improved processes
  • more modern technology (RFID, voice picking, pick-to-light)
  • simplified maintenance
  • improved safety

When to modernise?

The time is right for upgrading your installation in the following situations:

  • your installation’s components are obsolete or at the end of their lifetime
  • the reliability of your installation is diminishing
  • the number and duration of downtimes is increasing
  • the capacity of the installation is decreasing
  • maintenance costs are increasing considerably
  • you do not have sufficient knowledge of your existing installations
  • the user interface no longer satisfies the required standards
  • the installation no longer satisfies the stricter safety standards

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What customers say
Peter Bryssinck,

“We were looking for a player with experience of retrofitting with a local service organisation. Egemin played that role perfectly.”