Retrofit methodology

Our retrofit methodology

When you decide to modernize your material handling system, you want minimum downtime for your production without any production losses. We follow a fixed methodology for every retrofit project geared to your specific requirements. This means we can perform the upgrade works quickly and with no to limited disturbance.
The cornerstones of our retrofit methodology include the following tasks and activities:

  • creation of clear-cut conversion plan prior to the upgrade
  • emulation of conveyor systems
  • detailed analysis of all activities, possible consequences and risks, with risk-limiting procedures and fall-back scenarios
  • strict execution planning
  • simultaneous use of old and new controls during the conversion
  • restore of the old configuration possible within four hours in the event of any unforeseen circumstances
  • off-line testing of all new functions and controls prior to the upgrade
  • execution of switchovers during weekends and holiday periods as much as possible to limit production downtime

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What customers say
Leo Berrens,
Janssen Pharmaceutica

“During the upgrade production downtime was absolutely out of the question. Egemin prepared everything off-line and thoroughly tested it later on our installation, plug-and-play”.