Automatic Guided Vehicles, AGV systems

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Automatic guided vehicle systems are fully automatic transport systems using unmanned vehicles. AGVs safely transport all kinds of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments: the clear way to reduce costs and to increase efficiency and profitability.

Egemin’s AGV systems consist of reliable off-the-shelf components. However, we always tailor our AGVs to meet your requirements. Automatic guided vehicles lift, rotate and shift your goods, fetch loads from racks, store products in deep lanes, transport product across long distances, deliver them onto conveyors, etc.

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What customers say
Manuel Izaguirre Zabala,
Georgia Pacific Spain

“We decided to automate the internal transport with Egemin AGVs because it allowed us to save on labour costs and to significantly increase traffic safety within our plant.”

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