Automatic roll handling for paper and print

Automatic roll handling for paper, print, plastics and steel

Egemin’s roll handling automatic guided vehicles take care of the reliable transport and storage of rolls in paper mills, printing, paper conversion, packaging and steel and plastics production. Thanks to the use of intelligent transport scheduling software they make sure your rolls get in time where they need to be. The accurate positioning and navigation system of the automated guided vehicle systems rule out any damage to the rolls during transport.

Infinite handling possibilities

Roll handling AGVs pick rolls from the floor, store them in racks, stands or vertically one on top the other and deliver them directly to presses or sheet cutters. The automatic guided vehicles can be equipped with the following roll handling systems:
  • V-shaped forks to transport rolls horizontally
  • a prong to transport rolls by the core
  • hydraulic clamps to lift and carry rolls vertically
  • extendible arms to load and unload rolls.

Save time and costs with automatic rotation of rolls

Roll handling AGVs can be equipped with large hydraulic clamps to rotate rolls automatically. These types of AGVs pick up large rolls from vertical reel storage, rotate the rolls and deliver them horizontally to the printing presses and sheet cutters without the need of having an individual downender installation. This leads to considerable time and cost savings in critical production processes as newspaper and commercial printing.

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What customers say
Dick Ruble,
Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Egemin was the only vendor that offered us an ability of moving the rolls on arms that extend out from the vehicle and load the press rather than crab into location to load rolls. We felt this was a very desirable situation.”