Automated guided vehicles for warehouse storage

Automated guided vehicles for warehouse storage applications

Egemin’s automated guided vehicles handle all kinds of storage applications in warehouses and distribution centers. The use of AGVs in warehouses directly reduce labour costs and increase the efficiency and reliability of your storage process.

We can use standard design or fully custom-made automatic guided vehicles depending on your specific application. Our compact and flexible AGV vehicles drive through the most narrow aisles. Other models allow for storing loads up to 6 levels or 12 meter high.

Warehouses storage applications with AGVs

Examples of automatic storage applications with AGVs include:

  • Block storage of pallets, containers, racks, boxes and tubs
  • Pallet storage in warehouse racks
  • Floor-based deepstack storage of pallets
  • Vertical storage of reels
  • Horizontal storage of reels in cradles

Storage & retrieval in warehouses with automated standard trucks

Dematic's AGV automation pack is Egemin's automated kit for standard forklift and VNA trucks. This allows for automating the supply and storage processes in warehouses with standard forklift trucks leading to significant cost reductions compared to manual forklift systems and classic AGV systems and higher efficiency. Although products are moved and stored fully automatically, manual driving and product handling remain possible.

The automation package involves the following components:

  • the navigation sensor (laser based in most cases),
  • an IPC for running the AGV navigation sensor,
  • safety scanners
  • the pallet position sensor to find the exact position of the pallet, to find the racking height and to store the pallets in deepstack lines.

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