Automated guided vehicles for distribution & logistics

Automatic storage and transport with AGVs for distribution & logistics

Storage space in warehouses and distribution centers is expensive. Optimizing storage and transport through narrow aisles, high racks and compact layouts is a necessity to remain competitive.

Our automated guided vehicles take into account these constraints and allow for driving through and storing loads in even the most narrow aisles up to 12 meter high. We bring more added value to your business with our warehouse management software for managing your orders, warehouse locations, stock and transport flows.

Automatic transport in distribution

Our automated guided vehicles are the ideal transport solution from end-of-line equipment to shipping in distribution centers. Dematic's automatic truck loading solution allows to extend automation beyond the four walls of your plant or distribution centre and completing the automation puzzle.

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Dennis Kelly,
MeadWestvaco Calmar

“When we visited Egemin we were impressed with their engineering capabilities, project management skills and vehicle construction. I would certainly select Egemin again.”