Cost-effective logistics in hospitals with AGVs

Cost-effective logistics in hospitals with AGVs

Egemin automated guided vehicles transport your hospitals materials like meals, linen, drugs, waste and medical supplies automatically without any modifications to the existing transport containers. Hospital AGV systems directly reduce labour costs, increase operational efficiency and allow you to focus on your core business, provide good healthcare.

24/7 automatic transport with just-in-time deliveries

Automatic guided vehicles for hospitals are able to work 24/7 replacing multiple shifts at once. The AGV software allows for accurate planning of meals, drugs and linen deliveries avoiding missing materials and wasted rides. Through dynamic simulations we can predict in advance how the material flows will look like resulting in more punctual deliveries of meals and other hospital supplies.

Safe transport between various hospital floors

Hospital AGVs drive automatically in and out service elevators and use separate service aisles to bridge various floors. If needed they can use passenger lifts as well using a reservation mechanism. Safety sensors allow for stopping the vehicles when detecting persons or obstacles on the track avoiding personal injury and damage to materials, the surroundings and containers.

No modifications to transport containers

Our hospital AGVs are equipped with a single fork allowing to pick up your hospital containers in all shapes and dimensions without having to modify them. This truly unique feature allows for considerable cost and time savings.

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Cor-Jan van der Wal,
Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

"Hospitals with similar plans have already asked us how we managed the integration of the AGV system in our intralogistics operations. Apparently logistics are hot business in the hospital world.”