Automated guided vehicles for pharmaceuticals & life sciences

Automated guided vehicles for pharmaceuticals

Dematic’s automated guided vehicles reliably move products in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies such as the following:
  • Pharmaceutical products (medicines, vaccins) for consumer healthcare and animal health
  • Nutritional poducts
  • Diagnostic instruments & testing
  • Medical devices & surgery devices
  • Eye care products & vision technologies

Automatic transport with AGVs in pharmaceuticals

Typical automatic transport applications with AGVs include:
  • Transport of raw materials from receiving to automatic warehouse / storage areas
  • Transport of products from warehouse to production and WIP buffer (Work-in-Process)
  • Product delivery from storage to picking zones
  • Supply of packing materials to packing lines
  • Transport of finished products from production to warehouse
For specific manufacturing environments and special needs we always develop custom AGVs and systems.

Automatic transport compliant with clean room regulations

Our automated guided vehicles for pharmaceuticals are electrically controlled and do not use any hydraulics. As a result, no oil leakages can be caused in pharmaceutical environments. Laser navigation allows for preventing dust production during installation of the AGV system.

Safe and validated transport with AGVs

Dematic combines its knowledge in materials handling with its experience of working in cGMP critical environments. We supply turnkey validated systems to meet your FDA requirements. Because automated guided vehicles track all movements, they are compliant with process validation regulations.

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