Automated guided vehicles for production companies

Automated guided vehicles for production & manufacturing

Dematic’s automated guided vehicles reliably move products to, from or in between production lines in production, manufacturing and discrete manufacturing processes. Some other typical applications:

  • Delivery of raw materials
  • Transport of semi-finished products to work-in-process buffer storage or the intermediate warehouse
  • Supply of other materials like packaging or removal of empty pallets and refused goods
  • Move finished goods from the end-of production line to the finished goods warehouse or shipping area

For specific manufacturing environments and special needs we always develop custom AGVs and systems.

Meeting high production demands

Important drivers for the manufacturing and discrete manufacturing industries are delivering products on time while improving quality and reducing production costs. Egemin’s automatic guided vehicle systems comprise intelligent scheduling software to meet just-in time deliveries and to save costs related to moving products internally. As they manoeuver very carefully and handle your goods with care damage to products and equipment is minimized.

AGVs for flexibility in changing manufacturing environments

Typical issues of the discrete manufacturing business include the complexity of your product mix, small batch sizes, a variety of treatments per component and last but not least the cyclical fluctuations in the market demand. Transport of such products requires a flexible logistic solution. Dematic's automated guided vehicle systems provide a maximum of free space on your shopfloor and are easily adoptable to changes in your plant layout and process equipment.

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What customers say
Manuel Izaguirre Zabala,
Georgia Pacific Spain

“We decided to automate the internal transport with Egemin AGVs because it allowed us to save on labour costs and to significantly increase traffic safety within our plant.”