E’gv® STANDARD, standard automated guided vehicle models

E’gv® STANDARD is Egemin’s AGV series of standard automated guided vehicle models for automatic transport of products in a wide range of applications. Within the extensive line up of Egemin AGVs, the E’gv® STANDARD series cover a wide range of material handling and intralogistics needs in production logistics, distribution centers and warehouses.

E’gv® STANDARD AGV types

E’gv® STANDARD automated guided vehicles are available in several attachment types and models and can be further customized to meet your individual needs.
  • FLV/N: Forklift vehicle narrow
  • FLV/S: Forklift vehicle straddle
  • FLV/C: Forklift vehicle counterbalance
  • LTV/R: Load transfer vehicle roller conveyor
  • LTV/C: Load transfer vehicle chain conveyor
  • TUV: Tugger vehicle

Internal transport applications

Our E’gv® STANDARD AGVs support many product movements in production, distribution and warehouse facilities:
  • Goods receiving to warehouse
  • Warehouse to production
  • Production cell to production cell
  • Production to intermediate storage buffer
  • End-of-line to warehouse
  • Warehouse to picking or shipping

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What customers say
Manuel Izaguirre Zabala,
Georgia Pacific Spain

“We decided to automate the internal transport with Egemin AGVs because it allowed us to save on labour costs and to significantly increase traffic safety within our plant.”