Advanced software for transport management and traffic control of AGVs

AGV management software for traffic control & transport management

E’tricc® manages all automated guided vehicles in the AGV system and issues transport orders to the vehicles. A transport order contains the optimised route between the order’s source and destination location and is given to the AGV that can get there the fastest, taking into account the priorities of the orders.

E’tricc® keeps track of every AGV in the system to safely manage traffic on the shop floor. Thanks to the route optimization algorithms, the most economical route for all transport orders can be calculated. The software also contains functions to supervise system status and to diagnose occurring problems. Intelligent battery schedules allow for recharging the AGV’s battery on scheduled time or when it has no work.

Maximum flexibility thanks to dynamic routing & scheduling

A blocked aisle, an AGV transferring its load or a highly congested zone will influence the most optimal route. Dynamic Routing allows AGVs to take alternative routes for the same destination based on the overall conditions of the guidepath. This eliminates bottle necks and optimizes the AGV flow to maximize throughput.

Assigning the right job to the right AGV at the right time is key to a well balanced, high throughput AGV system. Egemin has always used its unique Look-for-Work logic in order to optimize job assignment to the AGVs. E'tricc® constantly reevaluates job assignments and reassigns jobs to different AGVs if they are better suited for the job.

Additional features

E’tricc® is not just limited to management of AGV systems. It also contains intelligent features for location and recipe management and is fully compatible with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS). E’tricc® also ensures seamless integration with machine operating software, scheduler or ERP software.

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What customers say
Manuel Izaguirre Zabala,
Georgia Pacific Spain

“We decided to automate the internal transport with Egemin AGVs because it allowed us to save on labour costs and to significantly increase traffic safety within our plant.”