Navigation software for automated guided vehicles

Navigation software for automated guided vehicles

E'nsor® is Dematic’s on-board navigation system for controlling and navigating automated guided vehicles through the layout. Thanks to the E'nsor® navigation software, AGVs are capable of driving accurately in narrow aisles, positioning loads in racks and on floor level with extreme precision or managing complex load handling operations.

E’nsor® allows each vehicle in the system to follow a specific path by means of navigation sensors. E’nsor® calculates the correct position for the vehicle and ensures that it is able to get quickly and accurately to its destination

Supported navigation methods

E’nsor® offers the openness to incorporate any of the existing navigation technologies and is ready for the future ones to come:
  • Laser
  • Magnet
  • Wire
  • Natural target navigation
  • Camera
  • Etc.
Thanks to its flexibility towards future layout modifications, its high reliability and performance, laser navigation is Egemin’s preferred navigation method.

Multi-mode navigation

A combination of several navigation methods on the same AGV is possible as well, for example in storage locations where laser cannot be used.

This multi-mode navigation functionality makes E'nsor® truly unique in its kind. Thanks to its unique experience in the world of AGVs (over 4,000 vehicles installed worldwide), Dematic is capable of analysing each environment thoroughly and always proposes the best navigation technology for your typical application.

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What customers say
Manuel Izaguirre Zabala,
Georgia Pacific Spain

“We chose Egemin because they installed extremely reliable navigation systems at various companies. The cooperation to adjust and optimise the management software for the layout tracks afterwards has been very successful.”