Automated storage & retrieval & AS/RS for high-throughput and compact bulk storage

Automated storage for high-throughput and compact bulk storage

Our automated storage concept allows to store goods automatically on pallets, boxes, cartons and crates in warehouses and distributions centres. The automated storage concept is ideal for the following applications and industries:
  • high-throughput storage of full unit loads (full loads in / full loads out) for fast moving consumer goods in industries like food & beverage, distribution & logistics and pharmaceuticals
  • compact bulk storage for goods with longer time to market for replenishment of other warehouses or picking areas


  • Space & cost-saving
  • Restricted handling
  • Lower stock levels with increased stock accuracy
  • Reduced ecological footprint and energy savings
  • Unique integration possibilities with Egemin AGVs and automated hybrid VNA trucks

Concept components

Applications for automated storage

We implement automated storage concepts for the following markets, amongst others:

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What customers say
Philippe Schepers,

“Our automated warehouse has an infeed capacity of 600 and outfeed capacity of 400 pallets per hour. This is very important because ships must always be unloaded and handled within a fixed time frame.”

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