Warehousing and distribution solutions for e-commerce and mail order companies

Warehousing and distribution solutions for e-commerce

With a sharp increase in electronic purchasing, mail order companies have grown to become fully-fledged e-commerce businesses. Online sales of books, multimedia, clothing and other consumer products will continue to grow. Other companies are also increasingly offering their products online.

In order to remain successful, e-commerce businesses must react much more quickly to market demand, follow a price-conscious policy and organise simple order processes. In terms of logistics this means delivering orders within 24 hours without errors according to a simple logistics process at a low operational cost.

In addition to this, returns logistics - which can be as much as 25 to 30% of outgoing logistics- must be organised seamlessly.

Warehousing and distribution fine-tuned to your needs

Dematic's automatic warehouse and distribution systems perfectly meet the stringent logistics requirements of the mail order and e-commerce sectors. The higher level warehouse management software provides smooth control of the goods flows from the automated warehouse to the order picking stations. This makes sure you can deliver fast and without errors.

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Peter Bryssinck,

“The new Egemin warehouse installation is reliable. There are much fewer parts on stock and the operators have a flatter learning curve.”