Warehousing and distribution solutions for food and beverage

Warehousing and distribution solutions for food and beverage

Typical of the food and beverage industry is a short time to market with peak periods. Especially for fresh products, customers need fast delivery. And all without compromising quality.

That’s why food and beverage producers must organize their supply chain and processes as efficiently as possible to secure the sales margins of their products . The usage of intelligent solutions such as automatic storage and transport and order picking systems is obvious.

Optimal storage of food products

Our automatic storage systems and automated warehouses ensure that your food products are kept at their best at every moment in the process. With an optional tracking & tracing module you can trace all of the information relating to your stored goods.

Our warehouse and distribution solutions fully comply with the storage requirements of your food products. They also take into account the expiry date of your end products and organise your warehouse racking on the basis of that information.

Specialists in cold storage and frozen warehouses

The longer shelf life of frozen products has fundamentally changed our eating habits. The growing range of frozen and conditioned products has led to more frozen warehouses and cold storage. Automation offers a solution to working in inhospitable environments such as in chilled and frozen storage areas at temperatures of – 30°C or lower.

Cold storage not only requires special expertise in warehouse construction but also in the food products to be stored. Dematic has gathered a great deal of references in cold and frozen storage, including for the following applications:
  • Receipt, cold and frozen storage of fish
  • Cold storage of meat and snack products
  • Receipt, cold storage and distribution of fruit products
  • Frozen storage of vegetable and potato products
  • Frozen storage of ice cream products

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Koen De Jonghe,

“We chose for Egemin Automation for our frozen warehouse based on their competences and their extensive list of references in other frozen food applications.”