Warehousing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and life sciences

Warehousing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and life sciences

Responding quickly to new trends is essential for manufacturers of medicines and healthcare products. End customers also impose increasingly more stringent demands in terms of delivery times, product range and quality. Your internal logistics must respond to this flexibly in terms of warehouse capacity and speed of order picking.

Dematic Egemin develops and integrates automation solutions for storage, transport and distribution within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. They eliminate manual transport and storage and reduce logistics and operational costs.

Integrated automation according to cGMP legislation

Our validation experts ensure that your warehouse system and logistics process comply with current cGMP legislation. We adopt a risk-based approach for a validated system and conduct extra tests for the significant critical points in your warehouse.

Dematic Egemin's greatest strength is the development of integrated automation systems for the entire process in your pharmaceutical factory:
  1. automatic truck loading and unloading systems
  2. AGV systems for the replenishment of goods to production and warehouse
  3. fully automatic AS/RS systems for high bay warehouses
  4. automatic transport and distribution systems
  5. order picking systems

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Leo Berrens,
Johnson & Johnson

“We have been working with Egemin for quite a while and they are one of our preferred vendors. The reason is the quality they provide and how they connect with our people.”