Warehousing and distribution solutions for wholesales and retail DCs

Warehousing and distribution solutions for wholesales and retail DCs

In order to remain successful, wholesales and distribution centres must comply with the ever changing demands of the end customer. The lifecycle of products is also becoming much shorter with more and more new products being launched, the success of which is often difficult to predict. At the same time they must also be able to deliver large quantities.

Order picking with an efficient WMS

This demands an efficient logistics system which meets your requirements in terms of storage, order picking and distribution. With the aid of simulation studies we can simulate the installation in your environment with your future capacities and test various logistical models.

Due to the great variety of items and the large number of orders to be processed, a powerful order picking system and warehouse management system (WMS) is no superfluous luxury. Our E’wms® software manages all warehouse activities and calculates the required replenishment of products and priorities based on the available stock in the flow rack conveyors, requested order quantity, time necessary for transport, number of cases and so on. This provides a considerable increase in productivity of the order picking process.

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What customers say
Ronald McMurray,
Albert Heijn

“First of all, we wanted to increase the flexibility of our order size. We needed to be able to deal with ten cases today, and a hundred tomorrow. Thanks to the new Egemin system we are better placed for future growth."