AS/RS, automated warehouses for fully automatic storage

Automated warehouses and storage systems (ASRS)

Dematic integrates AS/RS systems (fully automatic storage and retrieval systems) for the automatic infeed and outfeed of goods in pallet warehouses and miniload warehouses. Due to the automation of the storage process, the storage area is optimally utilised and you can work with minimum stocks. Automated warehouses yield an immediate lowering of operational costs and increased productivity in your business.

Dematic’s automatic storage systems are equipped with E'car® crane controls. The E'car® control receives transport commands from the higher-level warehouse control software which, together with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) distributes transport assignments optimally across the available cranes.

Unitload stacker cranes

Automatic unitload stacker cranes take care of the storage of pallets, containers, boxes, rolls and other large goods. Depending on your SKUs and required storage capacity and order rotation, Egemin integrates aisle-bound or aisle-changing stacker cranes and single or double-mast stacker cranes for single deep, double deep and multi deep storage (with satellite system).

Miniload stacker cranes

Automatic miniload stacker cranes take care of the transport of smaller carriers such as totes, bins, trays and cartons in small goods warehouses. Our E'car® control software is the perfect fit for the control of high-speed miniload warehouses with high capacities. Such systems can be implemented fast and thanks to E'car® they guarantee a high level of reliability, availability and capacity.

Automatic storage with AGVs

Dematic develops automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems for the storage of pallets in warehouses for racking, block stacking or storage of reels. We deliver automated hybrid forklift systems for automated storage with very narrow aisle trucks (VNAs), reach trucks and other warehouse trucks equipped with AGV technology.

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Patrick Ruiters,
Highlite International

“We invested in this automation project because of our rapid growth and the throughput capacity within our warehouse. We spoke with several suppliers, and Egemin turned out to be the best.”