AutoStore, compact and efficient storage and picking of small goods

AutoStore® is a compact and cost-effective storage and order picking system for small items and packages. It can be easily integrated into any type of warehouse, both existing and new. An aluminum grid provides the storage space for all your goods. The size and form of the grid only depend on the warehouse around it and ensure optimal space usage. The goods themselves are stored in plastic bins inside the grid. AutoStore® helps you to maximise your available storage space and capacity, all without increasing your footprint. This makes it one of the most efficient goods-to-person systems available on the market.

Intelligent storage system for bins

AutoStore® works with intelligent storage robots that operate on top of the aluminium grid. The grid serves as a storage matrix for the plastic bins that are stacked on top of each other. The robots hoist the plastic bins in and out of the grid, move them on for further processing and transfer them via conveyors, carousel or lift ports, to order picking operators.

The robots constantly optimize the storage positions in the grid. Fast movers are placed in the higher levels and slow movers in the lower levels. That is how future tasks can be performed faster. The robots also work together for optimal order picking from the bins. The storage locations are managed by the AutoStore control system. The content of the bins can be managed by Egemin’s E'wms® warehouse management software or customer-specific WMS software.

Customer benefits

  • Efficient use of space with high storage density and 40-60% footprint reduction
  • Easy integration in existing buildings with flexible construction around pillars and other obstacles
  • Can be used for low-ceiling buildings
  • Fast and easy on-site installation
  • Easy to extend even during up-time by adding new robots and ports and expanding grid (bin locations)
  • High system availability (min 98%)
  • Order consolidation at the work stations
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic battery charging during operation
  • Efficiency increase up to 50% compared with traditional picking methods
  • Extremely accurate stocks
  • Strong reduction of process and delivery errors
  • Secure service zone for maintenance

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What customers say
Teunis-Jan Bikker,
Campina Holland Cheese

“'We think it's a good decision to have the same supplier for both hardware and software. Egemin implemented the system in a very short time frame.”

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