Fast sorting systems for faster deliveries

Fast sorting systems for faster deliveries

Automated sorting systems are essential for businesses with a high distribution capacity and a short time-to-market. You must continually increase the quality and reliability of your services. Consumers increasingly demand quicker deliveries of goods ordered online to their homes.

Dematic's sorting systems can sort all your trays, bags, boxes, roll containers or packages of every dimension to the right destination at a high capacity, at high speeds and very accurately.

For all types of loads

Dematic sorting systems are suitable for all types of loads and can be fitted with automatic or manual input and output systems. After sorting the goods are placed directly in the tray, box or bag. Examples of the sorting systems which we install:
  • Split-tray sorters, tilt-tray sorters
  • Cross-belt sorters
  • Sliding shoe sorters
  • Pop-up sorters
  • Pusher sorters
  • Wiping sorters

E’sort software: increased production capacity

Dematic integrates sorting systems according to your throughput capacities, your product variety, types of loads and number of destinations. In the integration of sorting installations we also take into account potential bottlenecks in receipt or despatch, order processing times and potential peaks in your distribution process.
We equip our sorting systems with our E’sort software which is suitable for all sorters on the market. With this software your production flow is significantly concentrated and your production capacity increased.

All sorts of applications

Sorting systems are often used in the following applications:

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What customers say
Teunis-Jan Bikker,
Campina Holland Cheese

“'We think it's a good decision to have the same supplier for both hardware and software. Egemin implemented the system in a very short time frame.”