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Internal transport systems for pallets, totes, trays and boxes

Egemin Automation supplies high-performance and reliable automated transport systems and conveyor controls for the transport of loads such as pallets, totes trays, crates and boxes in warehouses, distribution centres and distribution environments.

The internal transport of goods must take place without damage, at a high capacity and with many sorting options. For very demanding warehouse and distribution processes, a high level of system availability is an absolute requirement. Egemin Automation can provide intelligent controls to meet these requirements.

A wide range

Egemin Automation integrates a wide range of transport systems for the internal transport of pallets, totes, trays, boxes, crates and other miniloads. Examples include: Our systems can simultaneously transport loads of different dimensions.

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What customers say
Patrick Verougstraete,
Cebeo CDC

“Thanks to the conveyor and the zone picking concept our staff have to do much less walking back and forth in order to put the right products in the right crates. With the conveyor this now runs like clockwork...”