E'wms® Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS Software (Warehouse Management System)

Egemin’s Warehouse Management System (E’wms®) is our advanced WMS software application to manage inventory, orders, locations and transport flows in warehouses and distribution environments. It constitutes the perfect link between your logistics environment and the equipment available.

E’wms® is a mature and flexible WMS solution for increasing productivity and inventory accuracy in your warehouse or distribution center.

Functionality Layers

E’wms® is available as an integrated WMS application suite, but can also be configured providing only the required layers and features. It is suitable for stand-alone operations or for a seamless integration within your existing administrative systems. E’wms® consists of two main functionality layers:

The E’wms® (warehouse management system) WMS layer containing the administrative modules:
  • inventory management module
  • order management module
The E’wcs® (warehouse control system) WCS layer covering all features related to the material flow control:
  • location management module
  • transport management module
  • visualization

E’wms® - Warehouse Management Software

The E’wms® layer consists of two main modules:

The Inventory management module manages the stock in the warehouse according to the material flow direction.

The Order management module assigns product orders to warehouse infrastructure such as order picking stations, or docking lanes, based on required criteria (order priority, order due out time, order reception time, etc.).

Core features of E’wms® from reception to delivery:
  • Receiving & inventory management: inbound flow of products in warehouse
  • Replenishment of (dynamic) picking zones
  • Inventory allocation: assign stock to orders
  • Order assignment: assign orders to resources or work stations
  • Load balancing and control of picking stations and/or order picking resources
  • Consolidation and dispatch labeling

E’wcs® - Warehouse Control Software

Egemin’s warehouse control system (E’wcs) is a control system that integrates all automated warehouse equipment in your warehouse into an efficient transport system. It ensures an optimal usage of the transport means and storage methods and avoids overload problems as much as possible.
E’wcs consists of two main modules:

The Location management module manages the current locations of your carriers (pallets, totes, bins, trays, boxes). The products are assigned to a storage location in the warehouse based on a unique fivedimensional coordinate system allowing for different types of storage in the warehouse: single deep, double deep, multi deep.

The Transport management module defines how goods are moved between the various zone in your warehouse, e.g. from storage to working zone or vice verse. Individual movements of carriers are realized through transport orders which consists of a number of subtransports, each executed by an individual transport means.

Core features of E’wcs:
  • Flow control of individual carriers and management of open transport orders.
  • Management of warehouse locations
  • Equal supply of carriers to working stations to avoid saturation and to provide a balanced workload

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“Thanks to E’wms® our stock management runs correctly and efficiently. We hardly ever have to record which product is located where, because that takes place fully automatically with the Egemin system.” (