Automatic pallet transport on in-floor chain conveyors

Automatic pallet transport on in-floor chain conveyors

User-friendly hand pallet trucks are indisputable for the transport of pallets on E'tow® chain conveyor systems. These standard transport resources are relatively cheap, easy to handle and offer a high degree of capacity and flexibility for internal transport.

Standard pallet trucks for in-floor chain conveyors

For the transport of pallets on in-floor chain conveyor systems standard pallet trucks can be utilised for loads of up to 1,200 kg. These adapted for use on an in-floor chain conveyor in several areas.

The tow pin is mounted at the front of the truck. This enables operators to couple the hand pallet truck to the transport system without any problems. The impact bumper ensures the safety of your employees. The hand pallet trucks can also be fitted with barcodes or RFID-tags to determine the route and destination of the carrier.

Applications for pallet transport

E’tow® pallet transport systems are used in the following applications and markets, amongst others: Consult our other pallet transport systems

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Cees Kraaijeveld,
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"We chose an in-floor chain conveyor from Egemin because of its operational safety, ease of maintenance, extension possibilities and to avoid lots of fork lift trucks moving around."