In-floor chain conveyors for transport of roll containers

Automatic transport of roll containers on in-floor chain conveyors

Our in-floor chain conveyor systems can transport just about any type of roll container such as mail containers, flower containers, Danish containers and other roll containers.
Roll containers are widely used as product carriers on in-floor chain conveyor systems for the transport of smaller or difficult to stack loads in the distribution environment.

Adapted for in-floor chain conveyors

For use on in-floor chain conveyors the roll containers are adapted in several areas. Thanks to the tow pin, which is mounted at the front of the platform trolley, operators can couple the trolley to the transport system without any problems The roll containers can also be fitted with barcodes or RFID-tags to determine the route and destination of the container.

Applications for roll container transport

E’tow® roll container transport systems are used in the following applications and markets, amongst others:

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What customers say
Cees Kraaijeveld,
Hollander Barendrecht

“The containers were developed specifically for us and are fitted with a fixed RFID-tag and a detachable tow pin, with which the wagon can be attached to the chain conveyor in any available place.”