In-floor chain conveyors for cross-docking centres

In-floor chain conveyors for cross-docking centres

Cross-docking centres face all sorts of challenges: swifter deliveries at lower cost, more frequent yet smaller packages and stricter customer and haulier demands in terms of delivery reliability.

With automatically controlled in-floor chain conveyors you can drive down your operational costs significantly and increase the efficiency of your goods flow at all times of the day.

Flexible handling of peak times

Our in-floor chain conveyors are ultimately suitable for operations with high throughput capacities. In cross-docking centres there are always one or more peak times during the day during which a large amount of goods must be processed in a very short time. Thanks to intelligent lay-outs and by engaging more or fewer product carriers in the system, our systems can easily deal with those peaks.

Reliable information and traceability

The E’tis® software manages the destinations of the product carriers in the system and ensures the correct flow of information in addition to the correct flow of goods. Thanks to the software operators can link the information regarding your goods to the correct product carrier, which leads to improved traceability. This is essential for correct service provision to the customers of cross-docking centres.

The optional measuring station for volume and weight measurement E’arl® guarantees the accurate recording of information regarding goods transported on the in-floor chain conveyor. This ensures more reliable invoicing and more efficient loading of your own delivery trucks or those of other companies.

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Vania Kroselj,
TAT Express

”In our industry, the customer tells us the weight of their packages. Therefore we wanted a system that systematically checked the weight. Thanks to Egemin we've been able to make these controls even more reliable."