In-floor chain conveyors for distribution centers

Goods transport in distribution centres and retail applications

Dematic’s flexible and fast in-floor chain conveyors are ultimately suitable as an internal transport system in distribution centres where goods have a short turnaround time.
Users can very conveniently link new product carriers to the system. This considerably increases the capacity of the system and the yield of your logistics operations.

Due to the modular set-up of its system components the E'tow® in-floor chain conveyor system can be applied in just about any logistics situation for the transport, sorting and buffering of goods.

Low investment cost and fast payback time

E’tow® achieves high throughput capacities and guarantees high transport performances. Due to the use of modular components and thanks to our years of installation experience, investment costs remain relatively limited. Investment in an in-floor chain conveyor is therefore quickly paid back.

Higher operational efficiency and less product damage

Due to the flexibility of the automatic in-floor chain conveyor system downtime is restricted. As a result of this goods transport in distribution centres runs much more efficiently, with lower costs and material damage as a consequence. Overall it provides for more punctual deliveries.

Integrated transport system for distribution

In-floor chain conveyor systems can connect different zones and operations in distribution centres such as receiving, storage, order assembly, sorting and despatch. Due to the use of controlled diverters the system can send product carriers to a different loop and distribution or warehouse zone. The carriers are automatically assigned to the correct destination via the intelligent information software E’tis®.

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What customers say
Wouter Neirynck,

“Egemin's chain conveyor system emerged as the best solution both in an economic and operational sense. The payback time was almost 30% shorter than other designs.”