In-floor chain conveyors for mail sorting centres

Automatic transporting and sorting in mail sorting centres

In-floor chain conveyor systems are frequently deployed in mail sorting centres for the automatic transport of mail bags on mail sorting trolleys.

Extensive sorting possibilities

Via intelligent and automatic controlled diverters an in-floor chain conveyor systems can opt to send mail sorting trolleys to a different loop or to another destination. As a result in-floor chain conveyors are lend themselves extremely well to sorting systems in mail sorting centres.

Continuous transport, no stoppages

Thanks to the automatic lubrication of the chain and reliable technology, chain stoppages are restricted to a minimum. Due to the high system availability you can sharply increase your production capacity, certainly in comparison with manual transports.

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What customers say
Cees Kraaijeveld,
Hollander Barendrecht

"We chose an in-floor chain conveyor from Egemin because of its operational safety, ease of maintenance, extension possibilities and to avoid lots of fork lift trucks moving around."

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