In-floor chain conveyors for production centres

Smooth automatic transport of heavy loads in production zones

In-floor chain conveyors can also connect different production zones for the delivery and collection of raw materials or they can form a link between production and storage.

Possible applications include:
  • assembly lines
  • transport of semi-finished products
  • systems in the automotive industry and other manufacturing businesses

Or even as an assembly area for more free space

E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors can be deployed in assembly and production lines as an assembly platforms. All of the components of the in-floor chain conveyors are fully integrated in the ground. Since the floor remains completely free, assembly staff has more space to manoeuvre for assembling the components to the frame. Furthermore crossways forklift truck traffic for the delivery of other components remains perfectly possible.

Continuous transport with a minimum of stoppages

The permanently driven chain in the loop ensures that product carriers remain in the system remain continuously in the loop without stopping. The automatic lubrication of the chain and reliable technology restrict chain stoppages to a minimum. Due to the high system availability you can sharply increase your production capacity, certainly compared to manual transports.

Simple transport of heavy loads

In-floor chain conveyors are robust systems consisting of reliable components which only require minimum maintenance. As a result they are ideal transport systems for both normal and heavy and difficult to handle loads in manufacturing environments. The automatic operation of the system and the ergonomic assembly platforms make your operators' jobs much easier.

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What customers say
Siegbert Geldner,
Paul Craemer

“It is a continuous transport system which despatches a large volume of finished parts from our press workshop."