Fast product identification in flows of goods

Fast product identification in flows of goods

With a product identification system you can manage the flow of goods even better by fitting your transport with a product identification system. This enables you to monitor the products in your goods flow better.

Simple barcode recognition and colour identification

Your operators can distinguish the various loads from each other fast and effectively thanks to barcode recognition or colour identification. On reading the barcode, the control system will send the carrier to the right destination.

Intelligent RF identification

With RFID identification, each product carrier carries an RFID tag. Antennae built into the floor can read these tags using radio frequency. On the basis of this information which is linked to the tag, the control system determines the destination and the route of the carrier.

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Cees Kraaijeveld,
Hollander Barendrecht

"We chose an in-floor chain conveyor from Egemin because of its operational safety, ease of maintenance, extension possibilities and to avoid lots of fork lift trucks moving around."