Reliable system components for in-floor chain conveyors

Reliable system components for in-floor chain conveyors

E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors consist of durable and reliable components which are controlled by a proven control design. This delivers an operationally secure transport system which will last for many years. We work hard on focused product development, so that we can create ongoing new applications for your environment.

Basic components for in-floor chain conveyors

  • Chain: an endless chain keeps the carriers constantly circulating. The system automatically lubricates the chain with environmentally-friendly lubricant.
  • Rail: The chain runs in a U-shaped channel that is completely anchored into the floor.
  • Drive: the chain is driven directly and runs in a loop over a drive and idler wheel. The product carrier is smoothly transported over the drive.
  • Pusher dog and tow pin: The pusher dog is a special link in the chain that pulls the product carrier's tow pin forward.
  • Curve: the curve contains a special roller chain that guides the chain through the curve. In this way friction and power consumption can be kept to a minimum. This makes the system more energy-efficient.
  • Transfers and diverters: these sort your product carriers into the various destinations. They form the basic components of intelligent lay-outs

Extension components

Extension options

E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors are ideally suitable for continuous transport in a simple loop. They also offer a solution if your environment requires a more complex layout with various main and subsidiary loops. Thanks to the use of transfers (connections between two loops) and diverters (connections between the main loop and transfer) the in-floor chain conveyor can swiftly sort your product carriers into the various destinations. This offers quite a few possibilities:
  • outfeed: brings the carrier automatically to a destination zone
  • infeed: automatically brings a carrier into the main loop
  • variable speed: drives the chain conveyor at adjustable speeds to adapt to production flows

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