Manage your information and goods flows in one system

Manage your information and goods flows in one system

E’tis® (Egemin Tow Information System) is intelligent software to manage your chain system. The software gives you a clear overview of the flow of goods on your installation and also lets you control the flow of information. Your operators can use the software to continuously trace where the carriers and goods are on the chain conveyor and intervene when necessary.

Central management of your in-floor chain conveyor system

Using E'tis® your operators can coordinate various actions, such as:
  • visualisation and request on-line status information
  • automatically sort and monitor carriers
  • optimize the flow of goods;
  • adapt goods destinations.

Traceability of your products

Thanks to the Tracking & Tracing module you know where your products are on the chain conveyor and which way they've been. Based on the information from the product carrier you can search for product information and trace products very quickly.

Smooth integration with higher-level systems

E'tis® can be easily interfaced with the above administration systems. This means logistics destination requests can be quickly entered into the system. E'tis® is also easy to integrate into an existing IT infrastructure.

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What customers say
Vania Kroselj,
TAT Express

”In our industry, the customer tells us the weight of their packages. Therefore we wanted a system that systematically checked the weight. Thanks to Egemin we've been able to make these controls even more reliable."