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This section contains recent press releases and archive reports from Dematic Egemin in pdf format. Consult our image library for relevant image and photo material.

  • Dematic announces Egemin Automation integration plan

    Mon 13 Mar 2017

    Following the acquisition by the KION Group, Dematic, a leading supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimize the supply chain, announced today the plans for integrating Egemin Automation into its organization. The integration, which is targeted for completion by the end of calendar year 2017, will result in the world’s largest Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) supplier while enhancing Dematic’s system integration capability in Europe.

    Egemin-PR-2017-002-EN - 106 kb
  • Domus Logistics automates new CASA distribution center

    Thu 26 Jan 2017

    Egemin Automation will install an E’gv® system in the new DC, automating a large part of the internal transport and storage flows of pallets with CASA products.

    Egemin-PR-2017-001-EN - 155 kb
  • Egemin’s counterbalance AGV among most innovative AGV products for Chinese market

    Wed 21 Dec 2016

    Egemin Automation’s FLV 3315/C counterbalance AGV has been selected as one of the most innovative AGV products available on the Chinese market. As the only foreign AGV manufacturer, Egemin made it to the Chinese “Top 10 Innovative AGV Products” market overview.

    Egemin-PR-2016-018-EN - 101 kb
  • Egemin launches AGV pilot project at Audi Ingolstadt

    Thu 08 Dec 2016

    In a pilot project, Egemin Automation will be equipping part of Audi's logistics operations at Ingolstadt with AGVs. Vehicle automation will also be provided by Egemin.

    Egemin-PR-2016-017-EN - 100 kb
  • Egemin to build third automated high-bay warehouse for deepfreeze specialist Agristo

    Thu 17 Nov 2016

    Belgian pre-fried and frozen potato products manufacturer Agristo is teaming up with Egemin Automation for the third time in a row for the construction of a new, fully automated high-bay deepfreeze warehouse.

    Egemin-PR-2016-016-EN - 104 kb
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