News Archive 2005

Egemin Automation books warehousing order from Van der Deijl

Van der Deijl Roses

Van der Deijl Roses BV is a renowned grower and distributor of Ecuadorian and recently also Ethiopian roses. The roses are shipped by plane from South America and Africa to the companys brand new distribution centre located in Noordwijk. Here, the roses are unpacked, cut, bundled and stored in flower barrels. Van der Deijl engaged Egemin Automation to take care of the internal transport and storage of barrels. Earlier this year, Egemin Automation received an agreement in principle for this project. In the meantime, Van der Deijl has acquired all necessary construction permits for the DC to begin with the project.

E'car® miniload cranes

Egemin Automations warehousing system will transport the barrels to the cold storage warehouse and store them here double deep by means of three twelve-meter high miniload stacker cranes according to the standard E'car® concept. The cold storage warehouse can store up to 6000 barrels of different sizes. Order execution to the 10 sorting conveyors is started in sequence as soon as the warehouse contains enough stock. A special barrel lift provides the link between warehouse and the second floor.

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