News Archive 2005

Langebaek orders E'gv® system for Dinex
Langebaek Logistik A/S is Danmarks leading-edge expert in materials handling and logistics. Langebaek develops solutions for automatic warehouses, AGV systems (Automated Guided Vehicles), pallet transport, conveyor systems, picking systems. For the Danish production facility of its customer Dinex A/S in Middelfart, a leading manufacturer of exhaust and emission systems, Langebaek recently commissioned Egemin Automation to build an E'gv® system.

The system will consist of 4 laser guided FLV vehicles (Fork Lift Vehicles) that will take care of the pallet transport between production and the automated warehouse. The system also comprises Egemin Automations intelligent AGV management software, E'tricc®, responsible for controlling the AGV traffic on the shopfloor and for receiving the transport orders from the customers host system and redistributing them among the available E'gv®s.

The Langebaek project must be fully operational early 2006 and is the second successful touchdown in Denmark for Egemin Automations E'gv® division.

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