News Archive 2005

Pommery goes E'gv®
Egemin Automation recently received an E'gv® order from the famous French champagne house Pommery, located in Reims, the capital of France's Champagne region. The order comprises the delivery and installation of two tugger vehicles (TUV vehicles) each tugging 4 non-driven carts through the tunnels of the champagne cellars 90 ft below floor level. Each cart will carry approximately 1,000 bottles of champagne.

The order was given to Egemin Automation largely thanks to the added value brought by its state-of-the art AGV software products, E'nsor® and E'tricc®. E'tricc® (Egemin Transport Intelligent Control Centre) enables the operators at Pommery to track and trace the current location and status of both vehicles at any time. Laser guided vehicles were no option at all in the relatively moisty cellars of Pommery. The excellent magnet guidance method in the E'nsor® software (Egemin Navigation System On Robot) presented the ideal solution to this problem. Moreover, extensions to the existing tracks of magnet guided AGV systems are fairly easy and fast to install. The entire system is planned to be fully operational by February 2006.

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