News Archive 2006

Egemin Automation realises high-bay project for Nike in Laakdal
Nike’s European Logistics Centre is currently investing in an extra operational unit in Laakdal for the Sports Equipment division. This ambitious project consists of two large parts, the high-bay and low-bay respectively. For the high-bay project Nike contracted materials handling expert Egemin Automation. Egemin Automation was chosen for having a broad experience in managing big projects, in-house products for controlling all installation components and a well organised service organisation.

E'car® cranes for picking and storage of sport articles

The high-bay warehouse rises to an impressive 25 meters, consists of 15 aisles, each 155 meter long, and provides storage space for more than 27,000 pallets and 28,000 cartons. Egemin Automation takes care of the complete logistic fit-out of the high-bay from cranes, racks and conveyors to entire automation.

The 15 aisles are each served by a stacker crane equipped with Egemin Automation’s standard E'car® crane control. The cranes pick and replenish full pallets and cartons with sport articles and can be operated manually as well. Egemin Automation's E'wcs and E'car® Manager software are used to manage and settle the transport orders of the higher-level WMS system.

Strong project management by Egemin Automation

The main challenges to the high-bay project were the large number of contractors involved and the short amount of time available. Efficient and reliable project management was an absolute necessity for Nike to steer the project in the right direction. Having years of experience in managing big and complex logistic projects, Egemin Automation proved to be the most appropriate partner for Nike.

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