News Archive 2006

Disaster Recovery Plan for Ovam
Many companies hardly realise that their daily operations are very often threatened by a number of risks which can disturb the good working of the company, or, worst case scenario, paralyse it entirely. OVAM, the Flemish Waste Department, is well aware of this threat and has called in Egemin Automation to realise an in-depth risk inventarisation. Eventually, OVAM strives for a practical and contemporary Disaster Recovery Plan in order to continue its unqiue mission to the Flemish companies and inhabitants.

Giving guidance during the formulation of Business Continuity Plans & Disaster Recovery Plans is one of the core competences of Egemin Automation’s ViisiE team.ViisiE provides advisory support for companies that are improving the efficiency of their operational business processes.

Egemin Automation is one of the presentation partners during the Disaster & Recovery Congress organised in Brussels on the 12th of December 2006.

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