News Archive 2006

Einsa Print International orders E'gv® system

Einsa Print International is a leading company in the printingbusiness and is mainly specialised in offset printing of directories, catalogues, magazines and brochures. To optimise the binding process of its catalogues, Einsa recently decided to contract Egemin Automation for the delivery of an automatic AGV transport system.

Transport of print rolls and cut-sheet paper

The laser guided system is based on Egemin Automations E’gv® product (Egemin Guided Vehicle) and will be composed of two different types of E’gv®’s: 2 RLVs (Roll Lifting Vehicle) and 4 FLVs (Fork Lift Vehicle). The RLV’s will take care of the transport of the 3 ton heavy print rolls to the presses. The FLVs are equipped with extended forks which will allow for brining two pallets of sheet paper simultaneously to the binding machines.

Each pallet contains the pages of one identical chapter. All pallets must be brought to the binding machines in the right order. Location management of the rolls and the pallets will be done in the E’tricc® software (Egemin Transport Intelligent Control Centre). The entire project will be taken in to use during the period May – June of 2007.

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