News Archive 2006

Egemin Automation Industrial Automation deploys new strategies for its activities
Under the slogan “Transform to Outperform”, the Egemin Automation Industrial Automation management team, lead by CEO Kris Adriaenssens, has made public its new strategic course for its activities. With this reorientation, Egemin Automation Industrial Automation wants to meet the new demands and requirements of its customers and to consolidate its leading position in automation and ICT.


Egemin Automation Industrial Automation will consolidate and extend its existing shop-floor automation activities to Supply Chain and ERP solutions. To achieve this, it’s absolutely imperative to invest in further development and extension of its in-house portfolio of software products, which relates to our software solution E’vita® (Egemin Vertically Integrated Tank terminal Automation) for terminal automation on the one hand and the standard Produmex company software for the Consumer Packaged Goods and Life Sciences services.

Process Solutions

Egemin Automation Industrial Automation also wants to put new strategical emphasis on the domain of process solutions. This will allow us to better valorize and share to our customers the vast expertise we acquired in process solutions throughout the years. We will achieve this by offering consulting and project execution, combined with own automation and ICT components and by working closely together with privileged partners.

Infrastructure Automation

Egemin Automation Industrial Automation’s activities in infrastructure automation (bridges, locks, telematics, etc.) are continued in Belgium. These activities will be extended in the Netherlands.

Lifecycle Services

The lifecycle services portfolio will be considerably extended considering the importance and the value of this type of service to the customers. In addition, services with high added value like consulting and asset management services will be pursued.

Business Solutions Partner

The management team of Egemin Automation Industrial Automation is convinced that this reorientation will lay the foundations for further growth of the busines sunit, both on the local and international markets, and for the expansion of the Industrial Automation division profiling itself as a “business solutions partner” for its customers.

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