News Archive 2006

Tunnels below Scheldt safe at last
Recent fires in the Channel Tunnel and the Mont Blanc tunnel show that safety is a top issue in all tunnels. Information, safety and ventilation systems must work flawlessly to ensure a safe and smooth traffic flow. The 1.8 km long Waaslandtunnel (car traffic) and the Sint-Annatunnel (pedestrians and bikers), originally dug out in 1932, were no longer in line with the latest safety regulations. Egemin Automation got the job for the supply and installation of new controls and for modifications to the existing ventilation systems.

Phased project approach

The entire project was realised in four different stages. First, Egemin Automation installed 30 CCTV cameras for transmitting real-time images and information to the control and traffic centres via fiber optic. Next, Egemin Automation replaced the obsolete high and low voltage infrastructure. The third stage comprised the installation of a new ventilation system for the Waaslandtunnel and new smoke discharge valves in the tunnel ceiling. Finally, Egemin Automation also retrofitted the controls and the motors of the protected escalators of the Sint-Anna pedestrian tunnel together with its partner Demako.

Phoenix Contact

This project uses Phoenix Contact ILC controllers with Interbus for signal reception. Visualisation and communication between the controllers is done over an Ethernet network.

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