News Archive 2006

Egemin Automation wins warehouse automation contract from de Jong
H.M. de Jong Koel- en Vrieshuis B.V. undertakes a challenging and ambitious new construction project in Ridderkerk for 2006. The project comprises amongst others the construction of a fully automated 20-meter high-bay warehouse totalling a storage capacity of about 12,500 pallet locations. At the end of February, Egemin Automation BV, Egemin Automation's subsidiary in the Netherlands, acquired the contract for the full logistic installation of the high-bay warehouse.

Logistic warehousing from A to Z

The warehouse will be equipped with seven automatic E'car® controlled warehouse cranes for storing the pallets in the warehouse racks without any human intervention. Buffer conveyors will be integrated in the front zone of the warehouse to organise the pallet infeed and to prepare the loads for shipping. The transport between the conveyors and the warehouse is done through a monorail system onto which shuttles are mounted with a driven roller conveyor. Egemin Automation will use its standard E'wms® software package (Egemin Warehouse Management System) for managing the storage locations and transport movements in the warehouse.

In the end, the customer pursues an improved logistic process with the automated warehouse, that is more reliable compared to the system in the past and that considerably reduces damage to the pallets. Each pallet location can be reached individually and the conditioning quality in the permanently closed cells will improve remarkably. Moreover, energy control and environmental issues have played a crucial role during development of the project.

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