News Archive 2006

Fuji Tilburg takes new E'gv® system into use
Fuji Photo Film BV, headquartered in Tilburg, the Netherlands, is one of the largest production facilities of Fujifilm. Egemin Automation received a new order from Fuji Tilburg at the end of last year for developing and installing a brand new E'gv® transport system (Egemin Guided Vehicle). The system is to be fully operational by September 2006 and will link the new cutting line for offset plates to the existing high-bay warehouse. This new order follows up two previous projects Egemin Automation achieved for Fuji, correspondingly for plant P1, where E'gv®s take on the box pallet transport of photo emulsion pots, and plant P2, where other E'gv®s transport the raw materials containers from and to the raw materials dosing system.

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